Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Joker - Swallowed Whole Promo. (Dark Soulless Ambient, Dead Anti-Music, Noise)

"They are at it again...."
This is a little promo for an album that I've been working on for quite sometime. An album that I would like to say has the most cheerful and joyful music I've ever heard but this is not the truth. This album has some of the warped and darkest music I've ever heard in my life. I know that may sound strange coming from the person who created it, but I am not trying to lie. But truthfully, the entire thing just has this loathsome vibe to it, like the entire album has some curse hanging over itself. You just can't seem to shake the music, the imagery, the entire overall experience and warped atmosphere from your mind once you endure the whole thing from beginning to end.

Which if I may, I'd like to recommend this album to be listened either by yourself or with some friends (who hopefully are into this music as of you) with all the lights turned off and the blinds shut unless you want to listen to it in a very unfitting setting and atmosphere as of outside with the sun shinning and the birds chirping and also with children laughing in the background behind the fence in your backyard. Do you even realize what kind of picture I am trying to paint of how dark and twisted I think of this album I've made? In my opinion, it's sort of the ultimate music (however this may be argued or overruled.) to end your life to or to conjure up some sort of entity that is entirely evil to the core such as a demonic spirit or something else that isn't even from the likes of hell.

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