Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Øe - Like A Comet That Drifts In With The Tide (2010) (Dark Ambient)

Øe is an isolationist-ambient side project made up of Fabio Perletta (Nō, Farmacia901 italian label, Seventh Sense Art Group), which explores the concept of void, as an internal human dimension.

01. Drift I (14:06)
02. Drift II (13:05)

Released by Isolationism Records.

Øe 2010 - Fabio Perletta }
{ Design Mørk Energi - Against }
{ }


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


" The world is dead like everyone else."

This is possibly one of my most favorable pieces of Dark Ambient music that I have ever composed, or one of the greatest examples of the Isolationism genre. But first, here's a little warning and introduction (FROM THE ACTUAL ARTIST/COMPOSER) before you decide to download this album... This piece of dark art has an extremely, extremely somber, brooding atmosphere and a very horrendous overtone to its name. This album should be listened to with the lights turned off, and the windows shut for an incredible, hair-raising experience.

The music is built out of my greatest fears and nightmares, and also the everlasting fear of the dark (Nychtophobia). It is inspired by such disturbing hallucinogenic delusions and fears. Sleep Paralysis plays a huge important role in the atmosphere of this as well. This music is definitely not for the easily frightened or spooked. The whole album is also a very abstract, interesting, and intriguing piece to undergo... the three songs remind me of something from the movie, "THE BLAIR WITH PROJECT". For some people, while listening to this, some of your senses may become debrided. Fear is not the enemy in this sense. It is our bestest friend.

1. Resistance PT. 01 (23:33)
2. Resistance PT. 02 (22:03)
3. Resistance PT. 03 (19:04)

  • All tracks recorded by Owen Michael Davis on March 20th, 2011.
  • JOKER is an Experimental Dark Ambient/Noise/Soulless Ambient Project created by Owen Michael Davis in the late May of 2010.


Monday, July 11, 2011

La Peste - Il Etait... "Magnetique" / Une Possibilite

Just discovered this shit on youtube. It's French. Fucking Brilliant. Nuff said. This song is from the 2005 Untitled 12" Vinyl album by La Peste. "La Peste" translates from French to English as "The Plague".

Friday, July 8, 2011

Noise Nazi / Bagman / Ekunhaashaastaack - Bondage Reality 3 Way Split CDR (2011)

1. Noise Nazi - Eternal Circle of Rape (8:00)

2. Noise Nazi - The Gates Of Sleaze (20:29

Bagman - All I Deserve (4:30)

4. Bagman - Cathode Fuck (4:41)

Ekunhaashaastaack - Stockroom (29:33)

A very intriguing and interesting work of art we have here. After receiving this obscenity in the mail (as well as Bagman/ Noise Nazi/ White Gimp Mask - 3 Way Split: Cognitive Distortion CDr (2011)) as a special gift from BAGMAN, I was totally submerged within thick brooding layers of noise and utter despair. Very quite enjoyable actually, yet full of such a somber and foreboding atmosphere.

The first track called "Eternal Circle Of Rape" by Noise Nazi is plainly a very interesting piece to undergo, like pulling out an earwig from the inside of your ear canal. There are what sounds like multiple layers of sounds, samples, and full blasts of static and metal being thrown around. Occasionally, everything turns into a bizarre echo, and you can what sounds like a sonorous human voice moaning and rumbling like the inside of a volcano getting ready to burst. All sorts of background noise and disruption. The kind that just makes you want to heave a chair at one of your classmates that simply won't shut the fuck up. This is possibly what the inside of a Schizophrenic's mind would sound like. Dozens and dozens of noises, voices, sounds, darkness and obscurities fused together into one big track. Hence some of the scenes from Clean, Shaven. Throughout the whole thing I can make out somewhat of a sideways conversation between several people (or more.) At nearly 2 minutes into the song, more samples come in, and the noise begins to feel gritty and more dense to my senses.

Noise Nazi's 20 minute track, "The Gates Of Sleaze" is just filled with sleaze and the total abomination of the limit of sound. Definitely induces nausea for minors. (I don't really know about vomiting, but let's just say that it might cause some ear rape.) I could also plainly see some Noiseheads headbanging to this which is also a fun sight to experience. Through buckets full of the continuous throbbing, screeching, hissing, and scratching of harsh noise projected by electronic equipment, there are low, grungy, filthy vocals that add on to the madness. Most of the voices you hear are muffled, like the kind you and I hear in dark areas when there is absolutely no one there. There is some gurgling inside the putrid mixture, but for the first 3 minutes, the groaning, reversed voices are simply so distorted that it is likely impossible to understand what they are actually saying. Like the voices that you might hear from an old TV set
heavily distorted until they are inflicted upon static, White Noise, EVP and utter ITC related elements or the spooky, reversed and sometimes indiscernible concoction from a Ham Radio. I can just feel chills soaring all throughout my body as I listen to this piece of work. To me, I can just picture them ripping a hole through reality, causing a disruption of the space-time continuum. Children left to cower in corners with their heads bent down in fear, revulsion, and agony. Agony directed at the corruption of the world, while adults may concur overbearing thoughts of suicide. I can totally feel a pinch of BT.HN in this song. Indeed, it is an extremely haunting track.

Bagman's part of split as of always contains splattered hateful, demonic, lewd, and possessed vocals battered upon a shattered mirror of one's sanity and psychosis left bleeding. Their reflection blackened and propelled as a mirror image of a blood-curdling monster that has now arose to the surface.

In "All I Deserve", the excruciating squabbles and teething of the machinery are some of the best examples of modern day Power Electronics. Some lines are brutally whispered, and ragged as if short of breath in the moment but of personal reference to friendly email messages, Bagman has stated that he likes it when his voice cannot be distinctly understood and perceived by the human ear. The Noise used in this song is entirely ear-ringing and in the aftermath, may take a few minutes to recover from. Bagman has simply done it again!

In "Cathode Fuck", the noise is somewhat lofi but at times, very acute, harsh and damaging to your hearing if turned up too loud. The monstrous vocals kick in after nearly 3 minutes of savage, apocalyptic noise that will jolt your body like there's no tomorrow. Yet they are incredibly bone-chilling, full of lust and depravity. Reminds me of some of the text from Peter Soto's PURE Magazines. All I can do is sit here while my body is overtaken by the music. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Hopefully this does not discourage the thought of Bagman being a very talented musician. In my opinion, he is yet one of the very best.

The last track called "Stock Room" by an artist who's name is almost impossible to say by my ungodly pronunciation capability, EKUNHAASHAASTAACK. There is also a great example of filthy Power Electronics in this one as well. I dig. Definitely sounds like some of those perverse and fetid Filth And Violence tapes a lot of people are dying to claim, me being one of them. For almost 30 minutes there is a pile of feverish harsh wall noise that I can feel rumbling about within the walls of my skull until my brain feels as if its about to give way. This one also reminds me of something special, I can just feel as if SNUFF and BIZARRE UPROAR made a band and this song happened to become one of their offspring. The album is truly a macabre masterpiece in my mind! Astounding!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Haemorrhaging Fetus - A Dying Expression (2006) (CDr, Mini)

Released in 2006 as a Mini CDr on the label Dumping Ground Recordings, this single track was said to be one of the very first tracks by Haemorrhaging Fetus recorded in 2001, which was also part 1 of The Salvaged Act series on Dumping Ground Recordings.

Over 20 minutes of harsh, ear-thrashing, hemorrhaging wall noise!

However, at five minutes and 25 seconds into the song, a very bizarre b-horror movie sample can be heard.. only to then cut off suddenly
leaving us engulfed in the blazing fire of broken harsh noise wall barriers, and stranded at our own doomed peril.

1. A Dying Expression (20:55)


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Owen Davis/Bagman - Perverted Instincts/Purge Electronics SPLIT (2011) [50xCDr]

This Split was released on CDr on the new record Label, "Purge Electronics" created by Steve Bacon, the legendary BAGMAN himself. To be quite honest, this is my first album being released on an actual record label... hopefully there will be a lot more for years to come!!! Steve asked me to upload the split onto my blog as soon as I got some copies of it in the mail, so here it is! The entire split is limited to a total of 50 copies.
1 Owen Davis Brain Tumor
2 Bagman (4) Girlfeet
3 Owen Davis Love Tomb
4 Bagman (4) Pleasure, No Matter What The Cost
5 Owen Davis Discarded Fetus
6 Bagman (4) Dominant
7 Owen Davis Perverted Instincts
8 Bagman (4) Shaved Sex Slave
9 Owen Davis Female Castration
10 Bagman (4) Submission[For Ro So Matix]
11 Owen Davis Slut Rabies

Contact BAGMAN at
"They have their music, and we have ours..." - Owen Davis.
(All of the songs are in MPEG-4 (.m4a) Audio format and should open properly with whatever audio/music program you happen to have.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nagasaki Grotesque - Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence (2009) (SOULLESS AMBIENT/DEAD ANTI-MUSIC)

Nagasaki Grotesque - Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence (2009).
© 2009 by Moribund Tree Records & KYR Productions.

This album was released on Cassette in January 1st (New Years Day), 2009 by Moribund Tree Records. The artist states that he lives in Illinois. If that is actually true, then he and I are from the same state. ;)

I just looked up the bizarre word, "Moribund", and I found it's meaning.
Much thanks to Google, who immediately places the definition of most words right below the search bar. To be honest, I had never heard of this word before, nor knew what it meant. So to save everybody some like what―5 seconds? I will just tell you the definition right here.

Mor-i-bund /ˈmôrəˌbənd/ [Mawr-uh-buhnd, mor-]
1. (Of a person) At the point of death.
2. (Of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor.
1. In a dying state; near death.
2. On the verge of extinction or termination.

3. Not progressing or advancing; Stagnant.

Word Origin/History:
1721, "about to die," from Fr. moribund (16c.), from L. moribundus "dying," from mori "to die" (see mortal). Fig. sense of "near an end" is from 1837.

You can just thank the wonderful people at and Google for giving us the knowledge from making websites and adding tools so we can just quickly look up words that we don't know right here on the internet.

Information about this artist (taken from his page on

'Nagasaki Grotesque is a project. Founding member A describes the project’s output as “” or “.” The titles and artwork of Nagasaki Grotesque frequently refer to World War II, and specifically the human impact. More recent works have moved toward philosophy and ritual works."

Such notes as for some of his albums frequently referring to World War II can be acknowledged by his album, "BURN THE CITY". The front cover for this album is a real and famous photograph that shows the severe effects of radiation on a Nagasaki/Hiroshima Atomic bombing victim. As you can see for this poor person: since after the bomb was dropped on those two cities, his skin had begun to fall off and melt away as if it had been turned to jelly. I just couldn't imagine all of the pain and suffering Japan had to endure in the aftermath of this abominable turn of events that would give America the heedless freedom and happiness of finally winning WWII. Disgusting...

Tracklist for "Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence":
[Click on each highlighted track for direct download]

A1. Worthlessness Side A (24: 33)
B1. Worthlessness Side B (29:42)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release on Subordinate Records)

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release by Subordinate Records)

This is my newest album, a gorgeous split with yet another Stupendous noise artist, False Sense Of Sanity, and myself, Owen Davis.
Released by Subordinate Records as a Net Release, this album is my first to come by being released over the internet.

False Sense Of Sanity's Side is very Harsh and Booming like a train full of innocent people being derailed and crashing in a morbid heap of blood and severed limps as an entire railroad is ripped from its tracks. Freak apocalyptic accidents such as this of pure bedlam and pandemonium filling all of our minds as we stare numbly into our hearts, and then proceed to look up to the polluted, blackened night sky.

Owen Davis' Side is more ambient and somewhat calmer over layers and layers of fetid lofi noise and bizarre, putrid samples as if it is showing us the aftermath of these horrible tragedies that are simply worth telling about. It paints a bloody picture of multiple victims in the midst of living hell; utterly doomed, they are left crying out for help as no one is there to hear nor save them.

False Sense Of Sanity
False Sense Of Sanity - Disgusting Waste Of Human Flesh (10:11)
2. False Sense Of Sanity - My Last Chance (2:51)
Owen Davis
3. Owen Davis - Untitled (10:51)
4. Owen Davis - Untitled #2 (10:58)

This album is now up for download on Subordinate Records' Myspace, and now also up for download on this here blog, owned by the 2nd artist himself, Owen Davis.

Album Duration: 34 minutes



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

© 2009 By Filth and Violence & Pasi Markkula.

Contact Filth and Violence at:

There are two known versions of this album so far.
The first version was released on 2 Cassette Tapes as an Ltd limited to 60 copies.
The 2nd was released on Vinyl as an LP and a Reissue after the first issue became sold out.
Both versions were released under the infamous record label, "FILTH AND VIOLENCE" in 2009.

A Bleeding Rectum (22:41)
B Nigger Dog (23:04)
C1 Oath (6:00)
C2 White Power (3:16)
C3 USA For USA (4:13)
D Pigs Glory (26:45)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewer Election - Vengeance (2006) (Harsh Noise) (Freak Animal Records)

SEWER ELECTION - VENGEANCE (2006) 3" CD © Freak Animal Records 2006. (Download)

"Pro-done 3″CD released on Freak Animal Records [website], a fine (harsh)noise-label based in Finland. The CD holds one track of 21 minutes, which is well varied, marked by sudden shifts from abrasive harshnoiseblasts to more minimal intermezzo’s that are just a prelude to another fine piece of noise terror. By times droney and repetitive, but brutal and harsh until the very end. Crank the volume all the way up for maximum effect! Excellent stuff. Comes in a nice cardboard-sleeve with 4 inserts. Sewer Election played at De Living some time ago, click here for the review." - Review posted by ManGenerated, December 25, 2006.

1. Vengeance (20:59)

Recorded at Fabriksgatan, Gothenburg in 2004/2005 by Dan Johansson.

Limited to 500 Copies.


Album © by Freak Animal Records 2006.

FA, pobox 21, 15141 Lahti, Finland.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Upcoming Albums

Owen Davis (Pictured in top photograph)




False Sense of Sanity
Owen (Michael) Davis

OWEN DAVIS/FALSE SENSE OF SANITY SPLIT will be released as three different versions. Each version with a different format than the rest. (Net Release, CDr, Cassette)
  1. The first version of this split will be released as a Net Release over the internet under Subordinate Recordings.
  2. The 2nd and 3rd versions will hopefully be released on other record labels sometime in the future. However at the time being, it is not yet quite known.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Macronympha - Baroque (1996) Cassette

First released on Cassette as an edition of 100 by Less than Zero in 1996,only to then be released again on Cassette in the same year by Mother Savage Noise Productions, then to be released this time on CD by Industrial Recollections in 2009, and finally to be re-released on Cassette by Mother Savage Noise Productions, however for the final edition of this album, the release date is unknown.

All rights go to the performers: Joseph Roemer, Rodger Stella and Rod Heydrich Trio, the labels: Less Than Zero, Mother Savage Noise Productions, and Industrial Recollections.

All of the images you see here are various album covers from all of the different re-releases of this album.

A 1. Shatterbrain Jazz Anomaly (22:55)
B 1. Hallucinosis (22:52)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lull - Time Box EP. [2x7"] (1995)

Here's a little something special for you guys: A very extraordinary release by Lull, a dark ambient project created by Mick Harris, who was also the Drummer for the Band Napalm Death. This album is possibly one of the greatest examples of spine-chilling, dark, and harrowing ambient music. The album is called, Time Box EP.

It was released in the U.K. in 1995 (One year before I was born) by Aquese Recordings, and was a limited edition on two 7" pieces if Vinyl. One version was that it came in a numbered, and spray-painted box (in which very few were produced.) The spray-painted box in the mail-order was only limited to a total of 39 copies.The other version of this album was that it came in a cardboard wallet, and this version was limited to a total of 500 copies. Both versions come with an eight-paged booklet; the track names are etched out in "run-out grooves".

(Please note that according to the album page on, for each song from this rip, there are at least 10 - 20 seconds off. I don't know why it's like this but whatever. I'm guessing that those 20 seconds were just very, very low droning or silence/static.)

A. Lull Not Null (6:11)
AA. We Aim To Please (7:03)
AAA. No Messages, Nope, Never... (6:07)
AAAA. .... (6:43)


*(Please, please tell me if the link is not working or has been removed, or if the file is corrupted. I will try my best to fix it or also reupload it again. Thanks!! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

YOUTUBE: The Church of Satan on The History Channel

They should upload the whole version of this documentary instead, and not just some 5 minute video. Plus, it seems that no one has left any comments... despite how many views this video has, and how many people disliked it for whatever peculiar reason?

Or did they just disable the ability for people to leave comments on purpose? I'm guessing that whoever uploaded this video did do this, and why? Well, let's see.

How many spiteful arguments over pitiful religion between everyone with all sorts of different beliefs and races would there have been if commenting could be allowed on this video? Too much to count, I say.

Because everyone (no offense, but especially most Christians) always wants to be right; they believe that what they say, do, and act is the "right way" and is what EVERYONE on this godforsaken planet should do.

They send out these missionaries to change they way people see the world, either by forcing them to or just asking nicely. Fuck that.

Why should I be forced to believe in what everyone else believes in? I'm not Atheist. I'm Agnostic and I just don't know if there really is a God or not because of what I've seen and heard of what goes on everyday in this world.

We are told to pray everyday for better things to come, but for what? I'm not against God or anything, and yet I myself have been called a Satanist by these little bed-staining shits at school who think that they know everything, but they are too quick to judge others.
Praying is said to be helpful, however going out and actually doing something is what really counts.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gewaltakustik - Momento Mori (2004)

Hey guys, it's Owen here and I have another SPLENDID album for all of you! =)
The album is titled "Momento Mori" by this German Industrial Project called Gewaltakustik.
It sucks because the website/Domain for this artist got shut down too. (Just like Sideation....)
So this is the only album I have for this artist. Sorry!
The music is none other composed by Anatoli Daudrich.
And also, All of his albums were actually available for Free Download on his Official Website. What a bummer...

1. Gottlos (1:01)
2. Nosufur-Atu (4:05)
3. Denkmal (5:36)
4. Psychopath (4:03)
5. Wiegenlied (5:52)
6. Schweigeminute (1:00)
7. Dein Tod (3:30)
8. Offenbarung (5:27)
9. Strange & Unusual (7:51)
10. We're All Monkeys (11:15)

Please let me know if the download link has been removed or is corrupted and not properly working. I will try my best to reupload it somewhere else.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Murder Corporation - Exenteretion (1995)

Here is one of my favorite albums by the Italian Noise/Industrial/Ambient Project Murder Corporation. The album is titled "Exenteretion" and was said to be recorded live at the Murderhouse in the January of 1995.
The album was released on Cassette by the Label Slaughter Productions.

Exenteretion* can refer to Pelvic Exenteration which is a surgical procedure where they remove all of the organs out of someone's Pelvic Cavity due to some damage done by some types of Cancer. The common definition of Exenteration however is to 1. Disembowel; Eviscerate. Or to 2. remove the contents of an organ, like the eyeball/eye socket, or the anus/rectum.

*Actual spelling is Exenteration.

A1. First Action (41:59)
B2. Second Action (42:32)



P.S. Visit Heavy Electronics for more SICK SHIT AND MUSIC! :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry that this blog has been dead for a while... I've just been busy, bored, tired (like I am actually right now), etc.

I just have other things on my mind I guess... For example, last week I started reading the first issue in Peter Sotos' Infamous PURE MAGAZINE Series. I am utterly shocked, and I seriously don't know what to say about it except the fact that even to me, it's sick, repulsive, and very appalling. I feel disturbed for some reason whenever I start reading it, again, and again. After the first 7 - 14 pages, I started to constantly skim through each paragraph, each set of ghastly tales, in which you start to wonder about stuff like 'what the hell is wrong with the Author of this shit?'

Pure Magazine, to me is nothing more than a barbaric, atrocious obscenity. Yet, while reading it, I on the other hand was highly interested by Sotos' work. Don't ask me why. Honestly, I've been fascinated by death ever since I was little.

But let me just say, I learned a lot of stuff from reading this during school on the computer. (Of course, the world we live in is NEVER, NEVER EVER SAFE! I enjoy to laugh at the idiots that dare think that the world is a safe, warm, happy, joyful, loving, peaceful place. (Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the world, believe it or not.))

I even showed my teacher this, and he too was stunned just as much as I was. Pure Magazine is full of the Writer's sick, inhumane, depraved, morbid thoughts, Serial Killers worship, Tales about the Horrors of Pedophilia and Pedophiles, Children being abducted, tortured, raped, and even slaughtered helplessly by savage men and women―who only Satan knows their names, (and their victims' grieving families) forever―Stories about the sheer terror of the Holocaust, Satanism, Cults, Gangs, Murdering of Prostitutes, etc.

Overall, this is possibly some of the most sickest, brutal shit you could ever read about or even write of. By the way, the cover of the 2nd issue of Pure Magazine contains Child Pornography... or so I've heard. In the past, this is what lead to his arrest after people claimed he was an actual pedophile, besides that, the police discovered his work and the child pornography he had obtained. He is not a pedophile, he is just somewhat sick in the mind.

There is this specific article inside this grisly magazine that I am just so outraged, and disheartened by. (I will post this article very soon.) It is the HORRIFIC, AND UTTERLY INFAMOUS crimes committed by a Sick fuck named Robert Black (former Serial Killer, and pedophile) in the 1980's. All I can say is that this... bastard deserves the death penalty right now, at this very moment for what he's done.

For more information about PURE on Click here.

Anyway, here are the links and download links for Peter Sotos' Pure Magazine.
Pure #1
Pure #2
Pure #3 (Volumes 1 and 2)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Projectiled Vomit - Born From The Rectum (Old Version) (Uploaded by RAPIDNOISECORE)

Blasting From Your Mouth
Gorenoise From Canada
The New Version Is On:
Cd/Tape Release Soon?

This song contains material from the 1987 Horror Movie, Bad Taste.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones Part 1.

Boo Men

The girl was late getting home from supper. So she took a shortcut through the cemetery . But, oh, it made her nervous. When she saw another girl ahead of her, she hurried to catch up.
"Do you mind if I walk with you?" she asked. "Walking through the cemetery at night scares me." "I know what you mean," the other girl said. "I used to feel that way myself when I was alive."

The story "BOO MEN" is taken from the 3rd book in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones.