Friday, July 8, 2011

Noise Nazi / Bagman / Ekunhaashaastaack - Bondage Reality 3 Way Split CDR (2011)

1. Noise Nazi - Eternal Circle of Rape (8:00)

2. Noise Nazi - The Gates Of Sleaze (20:29

Bagman - All I Deserve (4:30)

4. Bagman - Cathode Fuck (4:41)

Ekunhaashaastaack - Stockroom (29:33)

A very intriguing and interesting work of art we have here. After receiving this obscenity in the mail (as well as Bagman/ Noise Nazi/ White Gimp Mask - 3 Way Split: Cognitive Distortion CDr (2011)) as a special gift from BAGMAN, I was totally submerged within thick brooding layers of noise and utter despair. Very quite enjoyable actually, yet full of such a somber and foreboding atmosphere.

The first track called "Eternal Circle Of Rape" by Noise Nazi is plainly a very interesting piece to undergo, like pulling out an earwig from the inside of your ear canal. There are what sounds like multiple layers of sounds, samples, and full blasts of static and metal being thrown around. Occasionally, everything turns into a bizarre echo, and you can what sounds like a sonorous human voice moaning and rumbling like the inside of a volcano getting ready to burst. All sorts of background noise and disruption. The kind that just makes you want to heave a chair at one of your classmates that simply won't shut the fuck up. This is possibly what the inside of a Schizophrenic's mind would sound like. Dozens and dozens of noises, voices, sounds, darkness and obscurities fused together into one big track. Hence some of the scenes from Clean, Shaven. Throughout the whole thing I can make out somewhat of a sideways conversation between several people (or more.) At nearly 2 minutes into the song, more samples come in, and the noise begins to feel gritty and more dense to my senses.

Noise Nazi's 20 minute track, "The Gates Of Sleaze" is just filled with sleaze and the total abomination of the limit of sound. Definitely induces nausea for minors. (I don't really know about vomiting, but let's just say that it might cause some ear rape.) I could also plainly see some Noiseheads headbanging to this which is also a fun sight to experience. Through buckets full of the continuous throbbing, screeching, hissing, and scratching of harsh noise projected by electronic equipment, there are low, grungy, filthy vocals that add on to the madness. Most of the voices you hear are muffled, like the kind you and I hear in dark areas when there is absolutely no one there. There is some gurgling inside the putrid mixture, but for the first 3 minutes, the groaning, reversed voices are simply so distorted that it is likely impossible to understand what they are actually saying. Like the voices that you might hear from an old TV set
heavily distorted until they are inflicted upon static, White Noise, EVP and utter ITC related elements or the spooky, reversed and sometimes indiscernible concoction from a Ham Radio. I can just feel chills soaring all throughout my body as I listen to this piece of work. To me, I can just picture them ripping a hole through reality, causing a disruption of the space-time continuum. Children left to cower in corners with their heads bent down in fear, revulsion, and agony. Agony directed at the corruption of the world, while adults may concur overbearing thoughts of suicide. I can totally feel a pinch of BT.HN in this song. Indeed, it is an extremely haunting track.

Bagman's part of split as of always contains splattered hateful, demonic, lewd, and possessed vocals battered upon a shattered mirror of one's sanity and psychosis left bleeding. Their reflection blackened and propelled as a mirror image of a blood-curdling monster that has now arose to the surface.

In "All I Deserve", the excruciating squabbles and teething of the machinery are some of the best examples of modern day Power Electronics. Some lines are brutally whispered, and ragged as if short of breath in the moment but of personal reference to friendly email messages, Bagman has stated that he likes it when his voice cannot be distinctly understood and perceived by the human ear. The Noise used in this song is entirely ear-ringing and in the aftermath, may take a few minutes to recover from. Bagman has simply done it again!

In "Cathode Fuck", the noise is somewhat lofi but at times, very acute, harsh and damaging to your hearing if turned up too loud. The monstrous vocals kick in after nearly 3 minutes of savage, apocalyptic noise that will jolt your body like there's no tomorrow. Yet they are incredibly bone-chilling, full of lust and depravity. Reminds me of some of the text from Peter Soto's PURE Magazines. All I can do is sit here while my body is overtaken by the music. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Hopefully this does not discourage the thought of Bagman being a very talented musician. In my opinion, he is yet one of the very best.

The last track called "Stock Room" by an artist who's name is almost impossible to say by my ungodly pronunciation capability, EKUNHAASHAASTAACK. There is also a great example of filthy Power Electronics in this one as well. I dig. Definitely sounds like some of those perverse and fetid Filth And Violence tapes a lot of people are dying to claim, me being one of them. For almost 30 minutes there is a pile of feverish harsh wall noise that I can feel rumbling about within the walls of my skull until my brain feels as if its about to give way. This one also reminds me of something special, I can just feel as if SNUFF and BIZARRE UPROAR made a band and this song happened to become one of their offspring. The album is truly a macabre masterpiece in my mind! Astounding!

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