Friday, December 28, 2012

Muskel - Seven Days Of Pain (2003) (Black Plagve - infect 05)

1. Spoonfed Entrails 
2. Ingen Skall Skonas 
3. Din Mor
4. För Syftet Ämnad
5. Svett Och Blod
6. Scars
7. Ensam

Original Description from Heavy Electronics: 
Muskel is a new project put out by the ever-prolific Swedish noise master Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. Muskel is release by Black Plagve. Black Plagve in turn is a mutation of Malignant Records of Baltimore, Maryland. Muskel – Seven Days of Pain is marketed as a no frills noise album. No references to dark ambient or neoclassical musings apply here. Muskel is pure unadulterated hardcore old school noise. Complete with ear shredding sirens, white noise walls of sound and angst filled vocalist that voices our collective rage.

Muskel Begins with a track titled “Spoonfed entrails.” The song begins somewhat subdued and atmospheric. Reverberating drones form the foundation of the song as they putter out a steady throbbing bass. A shrill siren joins the music as it slides between tones. It is unnerving and piercing in its volume and is acoustically in contrast with the reverberating bass. A lengthy interlude is spent tweaking the piercing siren. Noise finally begins to dominate as the reverberating bass and piercing siren are fully engulfed in a sonic tornado of white noise and distorted vocals. The effect is a slow build up into a full on noise attack.

The fourth song on the album is tilted “For Syftet Amnad.” This song makes the intro sound like a strumming guitar ballad. Harsh noise is unleashed on the listener from the get go. The music is slightly rhythmic with a monotonous pulsing core. Harsh screeching noise is shot across the foundation of the rumbling bass and throbbing drones. Pounding metal sounds cascade over the torrent of noise in an over the top assault that deafens the listener. Akin to a 747 crashing across a runway in flames after a failed landing. The sound of screeching noise and rumbling bass is relentless and domineering.

The sixth song on the album is titled “Scars.” “Scars” stands out in representing a more harnessed sound. The sounds are more muffled and submissive. The effect is one of a snarling badger that is being forced into compliance. Feelings of festering rage and emotions that cannot be contained are invoked in the listener. The music is expertly manipulated to allow key elements to break free and lash out against the heavy handed control. I found this song much more interesting than the previous assaults of noise. A sense of aiming for something new and unique was communicated by the composition. Nevertheless, do not worry just as you are collecting your shattered nerves Muskel releases his battle cry in all it ferocity. Nothing is spared in the ensuing onslaught of distortion and musical blood lust.

Fans of noise and Radical Faeries who follow the work of Henrik Nordvargr Björkk will definitely want this release to complete your collection. It is a great up front noise album. It is not quite at the point of pushing the envelope. I would consider the release more of an exploration of the established noise terrain. The benefits of the music lay within the nuances and deeply imbedded manipulations found in the music. If you are equipped mentally to handle being hammered by noise while you follow the undercurrents of the music then you will get something out of Muskel. If the idea of noise and its manipulation does appeal then of course you might want to pass and look towards some Malignant Records releases that are more accessible for noise novices. Perhaps such novice Faeries would be more comfortable pursuing other Malignant artists such as Navicon Torture Technologies or Jarl.

As far as ritual and spiritual work goes, there could be many options for this album. Perhaps used as a psychic expellant or for mental endurance exercises. In the hands of the wicked, this music could easily be played to drive out demons like your neighbor or *censored*y roommate! Remember when you play Muskel play it loud and without mercy!

Review stolen from Heathen Harvest.

Download: Zip, MP3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Snuff - Untitled (2009) (FILTH-13 - Filth And Violence)

A - Phone
B - Kristiina 
C - Metro
D - Stalker
Another bastard item from HE. This time, the filth is literally palpable, while the noise and the horrific release itself however, is just all the more sickening. I don't know which one by comparison is more disgusting. Pleasure  Fluid's SHOW NO MERCY which comes with ripped panties soaked in dirt, blood, urine, and sperm, or this album which is packaged with lubricants and a used condom filled with SPERM and BLOOD. Not only that, but the package the black chrome tapes comes in is smeared with menstruation blood. You decide. I won't be the one who has to sign your waiver. Good Ol' PE from Finland. TY Filth and Violence!

REVIEW BY ZeroBeat (March 26, 2009) (Rated 5 Stars):
This shit is rotten to the core. The tapes are packaged in a sealed black plastic bag which contains a blood smeared hard plastic case which holds the tapes. The package smells like menstrual blood, which it might be. The music itself is lo-fi filth. A concept album based on the 2001 murder of a Lithuanian prostitute in Helsinki. Phone is all brooding shit electronics and warped, sadistic laughter dragging endlessly for 16 minutes. Kristiina and Metro both feature delayed hateful vocals on top of a vicious onslaught of metal abuse and feedback screech. It sounds so candid and convincing I'd be willing to believe it's the murderer himself. Very abuse and very basic. Stalker may be my favorite track. Starting with heavy panting, soon a harsh synth destruction begins and continues for 20+ minutes. Slow modulations and static give the song a sort of trance-inducing quality. Basically a reflection on the previous nihilistic violence and an unsettling end to an excellent release. I hope to hear more like this from SNUFF and the Filth and Violence crew.

Original Description from HE
There’s not a lot of information on this nasty little project, although with a brief search and with my not-so-Sherlock-Holmes deductive skills, it’s fairly simple to figure out those involved. And like most of the PE and Noise emanating from the Finns, you can expect only top quality sickness. This untitled release is the sophomore effort of the project, and it revolves around the 2001 slaying of a Lithuanian prostitute in Helsinki. I told you this would be fun.

Side A of tape one begins with “Phone”, varying tones of raw feedback, some garbled voices that sounds like it could be a taped phone conversation and hiss are pretty much all the track consists of. But the way the feed twists and writhes, it reminds me of the dial tone of a receiver knocked off the base and at 16+ minutes, it’s definitely an endurance test. “Kristina” takes up Side B, lo-fi pedal noise, intermittent feedback and some flanged crunch accompany some vber aggressive vocals that make excellent use of delay.

Side C consists of “Metro” and has more lo-fi filth, but with what sounds like a field recording of females chatting away on a bus ride. I can hear the motor slowing and accelerating, hence the title? At one point the girls laugh and make idle talk, then out of nowhere a blood curdling scream, but the females never miss a beat. It gave me the impression of the twisted mind of the killer as he stalks his prey. The track progresses much along the same lines as the previous one with the same delayed vocals and shit-smeared electronics with some definite heavy crunch in the last few minutes. Side D’s “Stalker” is the perfect ending, the track begins with around two minutes of heavy breathing before anything else happens. Then some abrasive loop (sampled scream or synth, I can’t tell) is added over it and those two sounds repeat over and over for almost 30 minutes until I wanted to kill a prostitute myself.

Contributing as much to the sickness of the sounds within, the traditional F&V Xeroxed art damage insert and j-cards, the two chrome tapes with polybox shells come housed in a sealable black plastic box that was smeared with fuck knows what. There was a packet of lubricant inside, so that’s my hope. Also included in the box, a used condom full of sperm and blood…take that Black Metal bands. I’ll see your “hand numbered in blood” releases and raise you a man-juice. Yes, luckily I read before hand that there was a special prize inside, so I knew to handle with much care. The whole thing is fitted inside a black medical style ziplock bag. This one is limited to only 60 copies, but that’s a lot of spunk and blood.

Review stolen from Plaguehaus.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Breathing Problem - Mattress On The Floor (2009) (BPP-020)

1. Kimberly Part 1 
2. 7AM 
3. Noon 
4. No Contact 
5. 9PM 
6. Showing 
7. Strange And Violent Dreams 
8. Mattress On The Floor 
9. Kimberly Part 2 

Here's some more stuff originally from HEAVY Electronics and boy does it pack a punch!  I'm going to include an emphasis on HEAVY, because that's exactly what this album is. Maybe more or so. Still a brilliant mixture of Harsh noise and Power Electronics from the US. For any of those who are a fan of Whitehouse and Abuse Patterns (like myself), you are in for a insane, and delicious treat. Comes packaged with a CDr containing all 9 songs, a cassette, a 24-page booklet, all housed in a 5" x 5" reel-to-reel box.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mania - Disgust (2005) (Biteworks 6)

01 - Untitled (18:36)
I'll be re-uploading some stuff originally from Heavy Electronics, for any of those who are interested, not all but some. Anyway, here's some crazy fuckin noise brought to you by the hands of Keith Brewer (Mania).

Original description from HE:
First work of Keith Brewer (Taint, Libertinage) as MANIA.Pure feedback and junk metal abuse. 
Nasty shit! 

Download: MP3, ZIP

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Custodian - III (Sexkrime Arts – 007)

1. Untitled (2:43)
2. Untitled (2:39)
3. Untitled (2:58) 
4. Untitled (1:49) 
5. Untitled (2:57)
6. Untitled (0:57) 
7. Untitled (2:34)
8. Untitled (2:21)
9. Untitled (2:53)
10. Untitled (4:12)
Country: USA
Genre: Harsh Noise
Length: 25:57
Released: 2009
Label: Sexkrime Arts007
Download: Bandcamp (Name Your Price), MP3 (Cassette)

Some of the filthiest fucking Harsh noise EVER! A must have for HN lovers like myself. 
Originally posted on Heavy Electronics. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

1upin4th3d - Sounds (2012) [CSR004]

1. Trance 1
2. Trance 2
3. 8 Bit
4. Techno
5. Drum & Organ Piece I
6. Drum & Organ Piece II
7. Noise
8. Noise II
9. Noise III
10. Noise IV
11. Noise V
12. Noise VI
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental, Noise, Drone, Trance, Techno, Industrial
Length: 1:01:27
Released: 2012
Download: Zip, MP3 

This is the 4th album on my underground net-label, Clouded Sky Recordings. 
All sounds composed by my friend, Josh Edwards.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whitewater Orgasm - When Was I Ever Wrong? (2012) [LW-070]

1. The Fountain Of Fox
2. The Word Turning To Salt
3. In The Canisters There Are People Hidden Inside
4. Butterfly Vomit Field
5. Energy Sphere
6. I Have Her Torso In A Suitcase
7. Memories Destroyed
Country: Germany, Finland
Genre: Power Electronics, Noise
Length: 1:00:05
Released: 2012
Download: Zip, MP3 

Sent to me at my email by the artist himself as a request. Thank you Santeri Lohi!
Harsh noise and Power Electronics with fierce vocals and a very disturbed schizophrenic atmosphere, originally from Finland. The album can be bought from