Friday, December 21, 2012

Breathing Problem - Mattress On The Floor (2009) (BPP-020)

1. Kimberly Part 1 
2. 7AM 
3. Noon 
4. No Contact 
5. 9PM 
6. Showing 
7. Strange And Violent Dreams 
8. Mattress On The Floor 
9. Kimberly Part 2 

Here's some more stuff originally from HEAVY Electronics and boy does it pack a punch!  I'm going to include an emphasis on HEAVY, because that's exactly what this album is. Maybe more or so. Still a brilliant mixture of Harsh noise and Power Electronics from the US. For any of those who are a fan of Whitehouse and Abuse Patterns (like myself), you are in for a insane, and delicious treat. Comes packaged with a CDr containing all 9 songs, a cassette, a 24-page booklet, all housed in a 5" x 5" reel-to-reel box.

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