Thursday, June 30, 2011

Owen Davis/Bagman - Perverted Instincts/Purge Electronics SPLIT (2011) [50xCDr]

This Split was released on CDr on the new record Label, "Purge Electronics" created by Steve Bacon, the legendary BAGMAN himself. To be quite honest, this is my first album being released on an actual record label... hopefully there will be a lot more for years to come!!! Steve asked me to upload the split onto my blog as soon as I got some copies of it in the mail, so here it is! The entire split is limited to a total of 50 copies.
1 Owen Davis Brain Tumor
2 Bagman (4) Girlfeet
3 Owen Davis Love Tomb
4 Bagman (4) Pleasure, No Matter What The Cost
5 Owen Davis Discarded Fetus
6 Bagman (4) Dominant
7 Owen Davis Perverted Instincts
8 Bagman (4) Shaved Sex Slave
9 Owen Davis Female Castration
10 Bagman (4) Submission[For Ro So Matix]
11 Owen Davis Slut Rabies

Contact BAGMAN at
"They have their music, and we have ours..." - Owen Davis.
(All of the songs are in MPEG-4 (.m4a) Audio format and should open properly with whatever audio/music program you happen to have.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nagasaki Grotesque - Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence (2009) (SOULLESS AMBIENT/DEAD ANTI-MUSIC)

Nagasaki Grotesque - Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence (2009).
© 2009 by Moribund Tree Records & KYR Productions.

This album was released on Cassette in January 1st (New Years Day), 2009 by Moribund Tree Records. The artist states that he lives in Illinois. If that is actually true, then he and I are from the same state. ;)

I just looked up the bizarre word, "Moribund", and I found it's meaning.
Much thanks to Google, who immediately places the definition of most words right below the search bar. To be honest, I had never heard of this word before, nor knew what it meant. So to save everybody some like what―5 seconds? I will just tell you the definition right here.

Mor-i-bund /ˈmôrəˌbənd/ [Mawr-uh-buhnd, mor-]
1. (Of a person) At the point of death.
2. (Of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor.
1. In a dying state; near death.
2. On the verge of extinction or termination.

3. Not progressing or advancing; Stagnant.

Word Origin/History:
1721, "about to die," from Fr. moribund (16c.), from L. moribundus "dying," from mori "to die" (see mortal). Fig. sense of "near an end" is from 1837.

You can just thank the wonderful people at and Google for giving us the knowledge from making websites and adding tools so we can just quickly look up words that we don't know right here on the internet.

Information about this artist (taken from his page on

'Nagasaki Grotesque is a project. Founding member A describes the project’s output as “” or “.” The titles and artwork of Nagasaki Grotesque frequently refer to World War II, and specifically the human impact. More recent works have moved toward philosophy and ritual works."

Such notes as for some of his albums frequently referring to World War II can be acknowledged by his album, "BURN THE CITY". The front cover for this album is a real and famous photograph that shows the severe effects of radiation on a Nagasaki/Hiroshima Atomic bombing victim. As you can see for this poor person: since after the bomb was dropped on those two cities, his skin had begun to fall off and melt away as if it had been turned to jelly. I just couldn't imagine all of the pain and suffering Japan had to endure in the aftermath of this abominable turn of events that would give America the heedless freedom and happiness of finally winning WWII. Disgusting...

Tracklist for "Confined By The Worthlessness Of Your Existence":
[Click on each highlighted track for direct download]

A1. Worthlessness Side A (24: 33)
B1. Worthlessness Side B (29:42)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release on Subordinate Records)

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release by Subordinate Records)

This is my newest album, a gorgeous split with yet another Stupendous noise artist, False Sense Of Sanity, and myself, Owen Davis.
Released by Subordinate Records as a Net Release, this album is my first to come by being released over the internet.

False Sense Of Sanity's Side is very Harsh and Booming like a train full of innocent people being derailed and crashing in a morbid heap of blood and severed limps as an entire railroad is ripped from its tracks. Freak apocalyptic accidents such as this of pure bedlam and pandemonium filling all of our minds as we stare numbly into our hearts, and then proceed to look up to the polluted, blackened night sky.

Owen Davis' Side is more ambient and somewhat calmer over layers and layers of fetid lofi noise and bizarre, putrid samples as if it is showing us the aftermath of these horrible tragedies that are simply worth telling about. It paints a bloody picture of multiple victims in the midst of living hell; utterly doomed, they are left crying out for help as no one is there to hear nor save them.

False Sense Of Sanity
False Sense Of Sanity - Disgusting Waste Of Human Flesh (10:11)
2. False Sense Of Sanity - My Last Chance (2:51)
Owen Davis
3. Owen Davis - Untitled (10:51)
4. Owen Davis - Untitled #2 (10:58)

This album is now up for download on Subordinate Records' Myspace, and now also up for download on this here blog, owned by the 2nd artist himself, Owen Davis.

Album Duration: 34 minutes



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

© 2009 By Filth and Violence & Pasi Markkula.

Contact Filth and Violence at:

There are two known versions of this album so far.
The first version was released on 2 Cassette Tapes as an Ltd limited to 60 copies.
The 2nd was released on Vinyl as an LP and a Reissue after the first issue became sold out.
Both versions were released under the infamous record label, "FILTH AND VIOLENCE" in 2009.

A Bleeding Rectum (22:41)
B Nigger Dog (23:04)
C1 Oath (6:00)
C2 White Power (3:16)
C3 USA For USA (4:13)
D Pigs Glory (26:45)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewer Election - Vengeance (2006) (Harsh Noise) (Freak Animal Records)

SEWER ELECTION - VENGEANCE (2006) 3" CD © Freak Animal Records 2006. (Download)

"Pro-done 3″CD released on Freak Animal Records [website], a fine (harsh)noise-label based in Finland. The CD holds one track of 21 minutes, which is well varied, marked by sudden shifts from abrasive harshnoiseblasts to more minimal intermezzo’s that are just a prelude to another fine piece of noise terror. By times droney and repetitive, but brutal and harsh until the very end. Crank the volume all the way up for maximum effect! Excellent stuff. Comes in a nice cardboard-sleeve with 4 inserts. Sewer Election played at De Living some time ago, click here for the review." - Review posted by ManGenerated, December 25, 2006.

1. Vengeance (20:59)

Recorded at Fabriksgatan, Gothenburg in 2004/2005 by Dan Johansson.

Limited to 500 Copies.


Album © by Freak Animal Records 2006.

FA, pobox 21, 15141 Lahti, Finland.