Thursday, June 30, 2011

Owen Davis/Bagman - Perverted Instincts/Purge Electronics SPLIT (2011) [50xCDr]

This Split was released on CDr on the new record Label, "Purge Electronics" created by Steve Bacon, the legendary BAGMAN himself. To be quite honest, this is my first album being released on an actual record label... hopefully there will be a lot more for years to come!!! Steve asked me to upload the split onto my blog as soon as I got some copies of it in the mail, so here it is! The entire split is limited to a total of 50 copies.
1 Owen Davis Brain Tumor
2 Bagman (4) Girlfeet
3 Owen Davis Love Tomb
4 Bagman (4) Pleasure, No Matter What The Cost
5 Owen Davis Discarded Fetus
6 Bagman (4) Dominant
7 Owen Davis Perverted Instincts
8 Bagman (4) Shaved Sex Slave
9 Owen Davis Female Castration
10 Bagman (4) Submission[For Ro So Matix]
11 Owen Davis Slut Rabies

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"They have their music, and we have ours..." - Owen Davis.
(All of the songs are in MPEG-4 (.m4a) Audio format and should open properly with whatever audio/music program you happen to have.)