Thursday, June 16, 2011

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release on Subordinate Records)

False Sense Of Sanity/Owen Davis - Split (2011) (Net Release by Subordinate Records)

This is my newest album, a gorgeous split with yet another Stupendous noise artist, False Sense Of Sanity, and myself, Owen Davis.
Released by Subordinate Records as a Net Release, this album is my first to come by being released over the internet.

False Sense Of Sanity's Side is very Harsh and Booming like a train full of innocent people being derailed and crashing in a morbid heap of blood and severed limps as an entire railroad is ripped from its tracks. Freak apocalyptic accidents such as this of pure bedlam and pandemonium filling all of our minds as we stare numbly into our hearts, and then proceed to look up to the polluted, blackened night sky.

Owen Davis' Side is more ambient and somewhat calmer over layers and layers of fetid lofi noise and bizarre, putrid samples as if it is showing us the aftermath of these horrible tragedies that are simply worth telling about. It paints a bloody picture of multiple victims in the midst of living hell; utterly doomed, they are left crying out for help as no one is there to hear nor save them.

False Sense Of Sanity
False Sense Of Sanity - Disgusting Waste Of Human Flesh (10:11)
2. False Sense Of Sanity - My Last Chance (2:51)
Owen Davis
3. Owen Davis - Untitled (10:51)
4. Owen Davis - Untitled #2 (10:58)

This album is now up for download on Subordinate Records' Myspace, and now also up for download on this here blog, owned by the 2nd artist himself, Owen Davis.

Album Duration: 34 minutes



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