Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

Xenophobic Ejaculation - White Power (2009)

© 2009 By Filth and Violence & Pasi Markkula.

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There are two known versions of this album so far.
The first version was released on 2 Cassette Tapes as an Ltd limited to 60 copies.
The 2nd was released on Vinyl as an LP and a Reissue after the first issue became sold out.
Both versions were released under the infamous record label, "FILTH AND VIOLENCE" in 2009.

A Bleeding Rectum (22:41)
B Nigger Dog (23:04)
C1 Oath (6:00)
C2 White Power (3:16)
C3 USA For USA (4:13)
D Pigs Glory (26:45)


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