Monday, July 4, 2011

Haemorrhaging Fetus - A Dying Expression (2006) (CDr, Mini)

Released in 2006 as a Mini CDr on the label Dumping Ground Recordings, this single track was said to be one of the very first tracks by Haemorrhaging Fetus recorded in 2001, which was also part 1 of The Salvaged Act series on Dumping Ground Recordings.

Over 20 minutes of harsh, ear-thrashing, hemorrhaging wall noise!

However, at five minutes and 25 seconds into the song, a very bizarre b-horror movie sample can be heard.. only to then cut off suddenly
leaving us engulfed in the blazing fire of broken harsh noise wall barriers, and stranded at our own doomed peril.

1. A Dying Expression (20:55)


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