Wednesday, July 20, 2011


" The world is dead like everyone else."

This is possibly one of my most favorable pieces of Dark Ambient music that I have ever composed, or one of the greatest examples of the Isolationism genre. But first, here's a little warning and introduction (FROM THE ACTUAL ARTIST/COMPOSER) before you decide to download this album... This piece of dark art has an extremely, extremely somber, brooding atmosphere and a very horrendous overtone to its name. This album should be listened to with the lights turned off, and the windows shut for an incredible, hair-raising experience.

The music is built out of my greatest fears and nightmares, and also the everlasting fear of the dark (Nychtophobia). It is inspired by such disturbing hallucinogenic delusions and fears. Sleep Paralysis plays a huge important role in the atmosphere of this as well. This music is definitely not for the easily frightened or spooked. The whole album is also a very abstract, interesting, and intriguing piece to undergo... the three songs remind me of something from the movie, "THE BLAIR WITH PROJECT". For some people, while listening to this, some of your senses may become debrided. Fear is not the enemy in this sense. It is our bestest friend.

1. Resistance PT. 01 (23:33)
2. Resistance PT. 02 (22:03)
3. Resistance PT. 03 (19:04)

  • All tracks recorded by Owen Michael Davis on March 20th, 2011.
  • JOKER is an Experimental Dark Ambient/Noise/Soulless Ambient Project created by Owen Michael Davis in the late May of 2010.


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