Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whitewater Orgasm - When Was I Ever Wrong? (2012) [LW-070]

1. The Fountain Of Fox
2. The Word Turning To Salt
3. In The Canisters There Are People Hidden Inside
4. Butterfly Vomit Field
5. Energy Sphere
6. I Have Her Torso In A Suitcase
7. Memories Destroyed
Country: Germany, Finland
Genre: Power Electronics, Noise
Length: 1:00:05
Released: 2012
Download: Zip, MP3 

Sent to me at my email by the artist himself as a request. Thank you Santeri Lohi!
Harsh noise and Power Electronics with fierce vocals and a very disturbed schizophrenic atmosphere, originally from Finland. The album can be bought from

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