Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goverment (Moth Equals) - A Sinister Project (2007)

2. Womb
5. Milk

Country: UK
Genre: Dark Ambient, Minimal, Downtempo, Tribal Ambient, Dub, Ethereal
Length: 19:21
Released: 2007 
Label: Not On Label (Mothequals Self-Released)*
Download: Zip, MP3  (Zip and MP3 are two separate links)

This is truly unlike any Dark Ambient music that I've ever heard. Goverment's sound and nature are absolutely fantastic and unique to its name. Originally released under "Moth Equals" (as you can tell by the album art, (shown below) which was also used for the original release), A Sinister Project goes far beyond the fear and beauty of Life and Death. It has that extraordinary Silent Hill atmosphere to it, and as well as that creepy feeling of wanting to take a shower after the listening stage, but it is still a pleasure to the ears. Either way, this shit is gold.

*Not entirely sure about the label information. 

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