Saturday, April 23, 2011

YOUTUBE: The Church of Satan on The History Channel

They should upload the whole version of this documentary instead, and not just some 5 minute video. Plus, it seems that no one has left any comments... despite how many views this video has, and how many people disliked it for whatever peculiar reason?

Or did they just disable the ability for people to leave comments on purpose? I'm guessing that whoever uploaded this video did do this, and why? Well, let's see.

How many spiteful arguments over pitiful religion between everyone with all sorts of different beliefs and races would there have been if commenting could be allowed on this video? Too much to count, I say.

Because everyone (no offense, but especially most Christians) always wants to be right; they believe that what they say, do, and act is the "right way" and is what EVERYONE on this godforsaken planet should do.

They send out these missionaries to change they way people see the world, either by forcing them to or just asking nicely. Fuck that.

Why should I be forced to believe in what everyone else believes in? I'm not Atheist. I'm Agnostic and I just don't know if there really is a God or not because of what I've seen and heard of what goes on everyday in this world.

We are told to pray everyday for better things to come, but for what? I'm not against God or anything, and yet I myself have been called a Satanist by these little bed-staining shits at school who think that they know everything, but they are too quick to judge others.
Praying is said to be helpful, however going out and actually doing something is what really counts.

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