Sunday, April 10, 2011

Murder Corporation - Exenteretion (1995)

Here is one of my favorite albums by the Italian Noise/Industrial/Ambient Project Murder Corporation. The album is titled "Exenteretion" and was said to be recorded live at the Murderhouse in the January of 1995.
The album was released on Cassette by the Label Slaughter Productions.

Exenteretion* can refer to Pelvic Exenteration which is a surgical procedure where they remove all of the organs out of someone's Pelvic Cavity due to some damage done by some types of Cancer. The common definition of Exenteration however is to 1. Disembowel; Eviscerate. Or to 2. remove the contents of an organ, like the eyeball/eye socket, or the anus/rectum.

*Actual spelling is Exenteration.

A1. First Action (41:59)
B2. Second Action (42:32)



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