Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry that this blog has been dead for a while... I've just been busy, bored, tired (like I am actually right now), etc.

I just have other things on my mind I guess... For example, last week I started reading the first issue in Peter Sotos' Infamous PURE MAGAZINE Series. I am utterly shocked, and I seriously don't know what to say about it except the fact that even to me, it's sick, repulsive, and very appalling. I feel disturbed for some reason whenever I start reading it, again, and again. After the first 7 - 14 pages, I started to constantly skim through each paragraph, each set of ghastly tales, in which you start to wonder about stuff like 'what the hell is wrong with the Author of this shit?'

Pure Magazine, to me is nothing more than a barbaric, atrocious obscenity. Yet, while reading it, I on the other hand was highly interested by Sotos' work. Don't ask me why. Honestly, I've been fascinated by death ever since I was little.

But let me just say, I learned a lot of stuff from reading this during school on the computer. (Of course, the world we live in is NEVER, NEVER EVER SAFE! I enjoy to laugh at the idiots that dare think that the world is a safe, warm, happy, joyful, loving, peaceful place. (Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the world, believe it or not.))

I even showed my teacher this, and he too was stunned just as much as I was. Pure Magazine is full of the Writer's sick, inhumane, depraved, morbid thoughts, Serial Killers worship, Tales about the Horrors of Pedophilia and Pedophiles, Children being abducted, tortured, raped, and even slaughtered helplessly by savage men and women―who only Satan knows their names, (and their victims' grieving families) forever―Stories about the sheer terror of the Holocaust, Satanism, Cults, Gangs, Murdering of Prostitutes, etc.

Overall, this is possibly some of the most sickest, brutal shit you could ever read about or even write of. By the way, the cover of the 2nd issue of Pure Magazine contains Child Pornography... or so I've heard. In the past, this is what lead to his arrest after people claimed he was an actual pedophile, besides that, the police discovered his work and the child pornography he had obtained. He is not a pedophile, he is just somewhat sick in the mind.

There is this specific article inside this grisly magazine that I am just so outraged, and disheartened by. (I will post this article very soon.) It is the HORRIFIC, AND UTTERLY INFAMOUS crimes committed by a Sick fuck named Robert Black (former Serial Killer, and pedophile) in the 1980's. All I can say is that this... bastard deserves the death penalty right now, at this very moment for what he's done.

For more information about PURE on Click here.

Anyway, here are the links and download links for Peter Sotos' Pure Magazine.
Pure #1
Pure #2
Pure #3 (Volumes 1 and 2)


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