Sunday, May 1, 2011

Macronympha - Baroque (1996) Cassette

First released on Cassette as an edition of 100 by Less than Zero in 1996,only to then be released again on Cassette in the same year by Mother Savage Noise Productions, then to be released this time on CD by Industrial Recollections in 2009, and finally to be re-released on Cassette by Mother Savage Noise Productions, however for the final edition of this album, the release date is unknown.

All rights go to the performers: Joseph Roemer, Rodger Stella and Rod Heydrich Trio, the labels: Less Than Zero, Mother Savage Noise Productions, and Industrial Recollections.

All of the images you see here are various album covers from all of the different re-releases of this album.

A 1. Shatterbrain Jazz Anomaly (22:55)
B 1. Hallucinosis (22:52)

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  1. these guys are the epitome of extreme noise music done well !!!!! what power.........and endless diversity. they do so much with the sounds available.