Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mugon - Untitled (1997) [E-COM 015]

Ok now, let's try to reason out things for a second. If my logical approach was to implement the act of dancing as the fundamental constitutional principle of techno music, then no fundamental analysis of this release is required. The necessary inference would be that Mugon's prodigiously titled EP, "Untitled", does just that.
I'll refrain myself from any further eloquence, and come out with it: along with Umek's "AB008" and "Catapresan", Inigo Kennedy's "On The Move", Jeff Mills' "Berlin/Late Night" EPs, this is arguably the hardest thing with the 'techno' tag to have ever tore a hole through the earth's atmosphere and hit the shelves in record stores.

It would be a mind enhancing undertaking for me to try and explain why, how and where. But it's an inane idea, I'll leave pseudoscience to mr. Hawking. Two cuts delivering solid testosterone in your face at point blank range like you never wanted to imagine. The beats (need I emphasize their tremendous prepotence?) are obscene, and leave you with visible marks of maltreatment, while the embarrassingly ridiculous synths perforate stab holes unlike any other I've heard with the exception of Regis' Translation and the epochal Lanicor.

From me to you, on a strictly need to know basis: if you want to witness your crowd torn between heavenly dancing and running headless due to sudden lacerations in the pavement, avoiding a plunge into the infernal abyss, then this is the piece of vinyl you have been looking for but weren't aware of it until I told you.

Now don't you dare going around saying I never let you in on anything more than crumbs off my table. If you are dissatisfied with your copy, you are free to lodge a complaint with our super intendant, and request a pecuniary injury. Naturally, only after you pass your copy along. - Review by maroko, from discogs.com

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