Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nagasaki Grotesque - Sonnenrad I (KYR Productions)

 1. Worm-Infested  11:51
2. White Fragment  4:55
3. Aberration Of Sunlight  25:15
4. Nagasaki Grotesque  11:36
5. Demoniac Earth  11:40

This is unfortunately one out of SEVERAL of the only releases that I can find of this artist on the internet. It's actually quite sad because Nagasaki Grotesque's work is beyond anything I've ever heard; the project is very unique in its own ways and aspect, yet at the same time, extremely somber, pessimistic, and despairing. Take a trip and become submerged into what it truly sounds like to be trapped inside the disturbed mind of a daring psychopath, a cynical misanthrope; a tormented individual who has long been alienated from the outside world and everyday society.

For those of us out there who are indeed a fan of experimental music with discordant and oppressed atmospheres, I recommend that you take a listen to this, as it's in fact, one of the first albums that got me into noise and the entire underground scene.


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