Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nubilum - Restless Sunrise

1. Restless Sea
2. Endless Sunrise
Ok let's be honest, even though this "album" or "single" (whatever you want to classify it as) is only two songs, it still is a fucking amazing trip. This album takes us deep underwater, into the very darkness that we know is the bottom of the ocean, but there's more than that. In the midst, we can see a small light wavering back and forth with the tides of the sea. Almost as if it is calling out, but cannot be heard.That light is you. 

The music is a perfect blend of Experimental Dark Ambient music and atmospheric Dub Techno. It is available on the artist's bandcamp page. I am actually very thankful that the artist of this extraordinary piece sent me a link to his page via email. Believe me, I love getting these submissions so don't be afraid guys and girls to send me one! Don't be. 


Cover art by Valentina Lamarr.
Sound recorded and mixed and mestrated in one month at Negative Heaven. 
Artist influences: Demdike Stare, Silent Servant, Fennesz, and  Richard A. Ingram.

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