Friday, February 12, 2010

NOISE MUSIC, VOL 1: Sideation - Fistula (2007)

Hey guys, I just found this sick artist who goes by the name: Sideation.
I just wanted to post some of his music on the site, and by posting I mean uploading the whole album because there are now no direct links and unfortunately the original website that had this album up for download got removed for some odd reason. There is like no other way for people to download this album so I am uploading it here. In hopes of saving this precious music from literally becoming EXTINCT!

Sideation can be found here, on a website called
This website contains Experimental, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Noise and Ambient Music.

All rights go to Sideation AKA Distorria.

Here is the tracklist for the whole album (Run time: 18:25):


1. Sickly

2. Feed you Girl

3. Exit Wound

4. Fistula

5. Love toy

6. Mono

7. Hag

8. Cold In Here

9. Dirge

Original Album Description: "More incoherent and unlistenable songs from your favorite noise slut. Nine vocal and beat driven depressing songs about murder, fucking, bulimia, vomiting, and other fun things. There is also a terrifing funk track that is a bit too perky" Quote From

Released February 23, 2007 by TaediumVitae.

All rights go to Sideation AKA Distorria & TaediumVitae.


You can also buy a CD copy of this album, right here (if you want..):

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