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Macronympha - Grind (1995) Rip from CASSETTE TAPE

Macronympha - Grind (1995)

Tags: Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Noise Industrial, Death Industrial, Power Noise, Grindcore
, Noise Ambient, Horror, Scary, Unsettling, Creepy, Hardcore, Sick, Eerie, Cassette Tape, LP, Macronympha, Grind.

Bands: Macronympha
Year: 1995
Type: Cassette, LP.
Genre(s): Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Noise Industrial, Power Noise, Noise Ambient.
Lyrical Themes: Death, Morbidity, Horror, Pain, Anguish, Insomnia, Depravity, Aversion, Dismay, Repugnance, Murder, ETC.
Country: America (Probably U.S.A.)
Label(s): Old Europa Cafe, Mutter Wild.

Size: 84. 4 MB


A1. Electro-Acoustic Angeldust (4:39)
A2. All the Nice Surrealistic Love a Necrophiliac (25:55)
B1. For Anal Drill and Water Knife (7:08)
B2. Torsion Grid Extension Reference (10:41)
B3. Scorpions and Insect Work (2:19)
B4. Polyphonic Revolution (4:56)
B5. Wolkenb├╝gel (5:08)

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The 2nd song -- All the Nice Surrealistic Love a Necrophiliac, what is a Necrophiliac?
"NECROPHILIA" is a very excruciating paraphilia characterized by the extreme sexual erotic fascination, or attraction to corpses. Necrophilia can also mean for someone (usually a very disturbed person) to have sexual intercourse with a corpse and the word Necrophiliac is someone who does this.
Wikipedia says the following: "Necrophilia has also been a motive for some serial killers, including murderers Ed Gein, Richard Chase, Winston Moseley, Bruno Ludke, and Jeffrey Dahmer, who ate his victims after killing them. Several other murderers have described drawing sexual excitement from killing, as well, such as Karla Faye Tucker, who claimed to have an orgasm with each swing of the axe she used to kill Jerry Lynn Dean. The guilty-plea testimony provided by the recently captured (2005) serial killer Dennis Rader provided a rare public glimpse into the workings of such a controlling mind"

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