Sunday, February 14, 2010

YOUTUBE: Collection of some of the most chilling music You will ever hear! VOL, 1.

Turn off the lights and sit, with your eyes glued to the screen. Make the room dark as hell, and don't ask questions, just do as I say! You have been invited to a cold, dampened deadened atmosphere. I now set a warning label on this post -- THIS MUSIC IS PROVEN TO PROVOKE CHILLS AMONG THE SPINE, AND IS TO LEAVE SOME PEOPLE, WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO BED, SHIVERING WITH FEAR!!!! (And soon maybe even have a couple bad dreams...)

Read below, if you dare!

I found a series of videos on Youtube -- By a guy called:
atmospheres2dream who has really impressed me with his videos. Each movie has a theme, and is filled with touching artwork, both calm and chilling -- The photos have a gruesome impact on many viewers! Yet, the music is the real deal. "Some of the scariest.." as I say: 5/5.







Please leave comments! I will probably be posting more of this terrifying music! >:)

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